Born Villain (Title Track)

I could give you a dozen
Fresh; Cut; Pink, or red, or white
I wonder if they knew what they
Would grow to become

I’m born villain
Don’t pretend to be a victim

(Marilyn MansonBorn Villain)

Above are lyrics I plucked from the song, some of the ones that stood out to me. Not only do I adore this song – partially for the layers of sound, the undercurrent – but I thought this fan made (i.e. unofficial) music video was awesome. The person that uploaded it (EvansBlue19) put this as the description: “Unofficial music video for Born Villain the title track off of Born Villain by Marilyn Manson. Clips are from movies I love and random gifs I found. I am not a film maker or an artist in anyway  I give full credit to the film makers. I spent hours putting this video together to fit the song. An homage to horror. I hope you all enjoy. Please leave me a comment about why you like it or why you hated it. Thank You.” Seriously, this is worth watching just for the video this person put together.


One comment

  1. You’re right, great video (although I hid my eyes behind my hands for most of it)… I hate eyes, and anything going into eyes, gah. For some reason I was googling images of suicide the other day and there were a fair few pictures of what I assume were people who’d put a gun in their mouth and shot it, looked like a lot of stuff in this video. Must have taken them ages to make it. And fairplay it’s much, much more gory than any of MMs actual videos.

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