I have what’s probably kind of an odd take on homeless folks (and the ones that pretend to be homeless because it pays so well) asking for money. I never give them any. But I don’t mind them asking for it, or getting it, or using it for whatever they feel like. If getting high gets a persons rocks off, I really don’t mind.

One of the biggest problems I’d ever have is if anyone came up to me and started bugging me for money, in which case I’d be liable to tell them to fuck off; but that hasn’t happened in recent memory. They the men and women that look homeless are the least obnoxious, in my experience (and obviously, in terms of my own locality); mostly they just sit or stand with signs. In fact, I’ve found other beggars, the kind with homes and regular paychecks, to be a lot more of a pain in my ass most of the time, like firefighters standing in a six inch divider/island (basically a curb between one direction of traffic and another) at an intersection and actively soliciting cash, or people at storefronts bugging me about tossing something into their can/barrel.

That being said…


I might be tempted to give this guy a few bucks just because of the novelty of the idea.
Never seen that one before, and I think it’s funny as hell. I’d probably give him a few bucks just for that.


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