Declaration of Identity

“If you want to be a writer, declare yourself a writer. If you want to be a painter, or a musician, or a dancer, declare yourself as such. Then go about acquiring the tools you need to become a great writer or painter or musician or dancer.”
~Patrick Ross, Own Your Identity as an Artist

The Artist’s Road, this guys blog, occasionally pops up to the right in my ‘Reader’ thingy here on WordPress in a little section that recommends ones I might like. I have yet to press the ‘follow’ button because, quite frankly, I don’t take an interest in a lot of the posts there. But it pops up more and more in that little section, because I usually click on it to see what’s new and find writings here and there that I do like. The post I’m quoting from here was one of those; by the second paragraph of this one, the resonance of it hammered at me. I know this is worth applying, because I’ve done it.

I wanted to quote him here though because those words at the top of this post, aren’t far off from what I did when I decided I wanted to be a Sith. The age at which I did this, and the inexperience in “serious” commitments and aspirations that such a young age probably implies, are trumped hands down by the fact that years later, I own this as an integral part of my identity without any active effort to. The declaration came first, and all else followed; some of it rapidly, the rest coming together years down the line. Even in times when it seemed like I had nothing else, I had this. And recently, by the time I actually let go of everything, dropping all manner of self-conceptualization, and felt the need for no further definition than that of a clever animal, or as I like to term it, a monster… I still came back to this.

Even when it had seemed to finally fade, I looked again and there it was. It never leaves me. The mark I made is there to stay. Just like the now invisible scar on my left hand, a lone word etched by needle-point in Aurebesh: Sith. I can’t even see it anymore, but it’s still there and it always will be. My scars may fade with time, but they will never truly leave me.


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