Alethea started a thread (which is locked now, by the way) asking about different groups inspired by Star Wars, like the Baran Do or the Jensaarai, that might be in line with and fall under the umbrella of the Light Aspect of the Force Academy.

I’m not going to berate the possible restructuring that might or might not happen to the light aspect of the site though; don’t get me wrong, I could talk plenty of shit if I wanted to, point out all the possible ways it could be considered a bad idea, but Kiss is doing just fine with that and I’m not even sure he needs to be. I mean fuck, if nothing else it might shake things up, and it’s not like it’s bad to have something to experiment with. After all, it’s more than the Jedi are usually seen to be doing. So yeah, I don’t see a point in being just another naysayer in a long line of them (this time, anyways ūüėČ ).

I think the only thing that will irritate me – even if I only observe – is if it’s put together in an uninformed way; Alethea, Jedi Master or not, is not the most well versed in the mythos, so she’s definitely going to need some help to do this little exploration any justice. I think Miles mentioned that the Jensaarai had already been used, but that’s actually not a bad one to go with, to maybe flesh out, despite the¬†inevitable¬†parallels it would probably have with the new Mandolorian group.

I’m guessing Miles was referring to the Dark Aspects old ‘Jensari’ archetype, but firstly, I don’t think it really matters all that much because there’s still that essential core of it that’s either of a light orientation or a dark. And hell, in those terms, it’s different from the¬†Mandolorian¬†experiment because mandos aren’t really either one of those two at heart, at least from what I understand. Further though – and whether from errors on the part of the one that thought it up, or by design, I’ve always thought of this as wonderfully convenient – there’s a difference in spelling.

The Dark Aspects archetype was spelled as Jensari, so if someone were interested in developing a light based paradigm the correct spelling from the fiction, Jensaarai, is both more fitting (as the fictional order was a fairly light organization by the time Luke Skywalker stumbled onto them despite the Sith teachings that shaped their founding philosophies) and distinct from the Dark version. And also worth pointing out: how many Jensari are around these days? By my count, zero. So if the Jedi want to have some fun or experiment a little, then hey, why not.


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