Not All That Special

I used to really value my chosen places of communication, places like the Order of the Sith, and – later, much later – the Force Academy. There was something special about them, something unique, a kind of interaction and mode of connection that I hadn’t found anywhere besides places like these. Both of those are easy examples to draw on to, because – more than once – I’ve defined their value to me. At their best, they’re a means of communication and transformation, they can be used to gain a better awareness of yourself, your circumstances, your feelings, and so much more. They can be a forge for your outlook, opinions, and understanding. Ideas, observations, theories, principles, etc. can all be discussed and better articulated through them. And hell, they can even be a means of entertainment. Any and all of these things are a possible uses that these virtual communities can yield. So… I used to think they were something special.

But really, they’re not all that special or unique. The only thing that made them so was that they centered around the Sith Way, and other similar teachings and ways of life that can be lumped in for their shared origin points in the Star Wars mythos. But this is really the only thing that stands out and, to be honest, I’m not sure it’s enough to value in and of itself for this particular Sith. I keep asking myself what the fuck I need them for – and the fact is, aside from connecting and working with less experienced practitioners that usually don’t know jack shit, they’re not very useful to me. And now that I’m really thinking about it, it’s easy to see that this has been nagging at me from the back of my mind for a very, very long time. Aside from the prompt to revisit this via Khaos’s newest venture – Dissonance (The Dark Aspect): A World of Gods and Monsters – the extent of my transformation carved a pathway outwards for it to rise to the surface again.

The perspective seems to have been coalescing into something more appropriate to the monster I am – as opposed to the monster I was – and waiting, patiently, as things of the dark are wont to do, for me to form into something it was more compatible with. So I return to one of the simplest expressions of it, from a holocron entry on March 29th… “while I do find the FA still catches my interest, it does not go beyond the interest of a (morbidly?) curious monster looking upon an entertaining, enjoyable little puzzle box – of shifting discussions, dynamics, ideas, and so on.” Which I suppose could be spun to mean that sure, these places still have a place with me. But they’re not any higher up in value than a blog can be – at least not based on some of the things I’ve read in other corners of the internet. There’s nothing that makes a place like the FA intrinsically better, it just depends on the individual(s) that use it, and how they use it. Whatever you happen to haunt just depends on your preference.

(May 22nd)


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