A New Project

I started thinking about an experimental project last week, and tried out a few different free forum hosts to see which I’d like to use and how I’d like to set things up. And now, there’s a new web site up called The Sith Resource (click here to check it out). It’s reminiscent of other projects, like the The Dark Holocron and the Sith Holocronoriginal, wiki-styled Resource site, but I think it’s got a lot more potential than either of those ever had. It’s kind of like a ‘Dark Holocron 2.0’ in a lot of ways. The content that’s being added is organized in a much simpler way though, and the fact that’s it’s on a forum instead of a blog or web page (like Adam Yaw’s Great Jedi Holocron, which was actually my initial inspiration for The Dark Holocron) means it can go as far – if not farther – as the Order of the Sith. And speaking of the Order, how it served as a partial inspiration is worth explaining.

If you spend any time at all at the Order – or, for that matter, the Force Academy – going upwards in the hierarchy has a lot to do with your role as a member of the place, the level of responsibility, and there are certain expectations that have developed for Knights, Lords, and other ‘leader-esque’ titles. It’s probably been a bit like that at the FA for most of that sites existence, but with OotS it seems more a part of the transformation it’s undergone over the last three or four years.

Anyways, the point is that the focus at the Sith Resource won’t relate much, if at all, to your role at the site. People of certain rank will be able to work one-on-one with less experienced people (e.g. newcomers), but it doesn’t mean there are any expectations that you do so. Leaders in these communities, including myself for a while, have gotten into a bad habit of expecting, pleading for, writing up a ‘call to arms’, or trying in some other way to illicit member contribution – and it can be done, because I’ve been one of the most accomplished in this, especially at the FA, in one of the most subversive, costly, and effective of ways – but we didn’t used to expect anything out of people, we didn’t used to act so entitled to membership interest and participation.

I think it came from the disappointment, the sense that there’s no point to it, the feeling of being sucked dry by everyone else when you’re the only one putting anything into a community… but the fact is, we aren’t entitled. And it’s a waste of time to expend more energy, more time, and more attention by worrying about whether other people are also doing something. If you want to expand your influence very far, it’s going to have to encompass some sheep to, so come to terms with it. If you’re one of the strong, dealing with, placating, and influencing the weak just comes with the territory. You don’t get to deal exclusively with the strongest no matter what you do, or how strong or successful you are. The best way to deal with it? Suck it up and deal with it.

That’s a pretty all-pervading theme of what I’ve done with the Resource so far; the way I look at it, I’m not aiming to judge anyone until I get to know them, and even afterwards it’s not going to be a judgement based on what they have or haven’t done for the site. Instead, it’s going to be based more on their own level of competence, their own state of being, their own passion as a practitioner of the Sith Ways, which doesn’t necessarily translate into high activity or contributions at a site, even at a site centering around their way of life. With an Order, I guess it only makes sense that it become more like an Order in that sense, but this isn’t an order, it’s a resource. Like I said in my personal intro, “the aim here is the study, showcasing, and development of Sith teachings and practices.” If you think about that, it doesn’t even necessitate individuals training and tacking their progression in a very personal or close way – if it happens it happens, I mean it’s bound to, but the focus is on the Ways of the Sith.

The rest of that post seems like a good closer for this post too, so to quote a bit more of it, “If you’re a Sith – or Sith Realism is just something you find to be interesting – then this site is here to serve you, and so am I. If you think you like the general idea of it and it seems like it might be worth exploring the content (or exploring yourself) then you’re not only welcome, you’re invited.” I’ll be there, doing my thing. And if you have any problems with the page loading, let me know. I still need to register on their support forum in case I need technical support from the web host at any point, but if there are any immediate problems I’ll make it a higher priority and try to get it fixed soonest.


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