The Purge (Preview & Thoughts)

I’ve only come across a couple different blog posts on this, and one of the bloggers that wrote something didn’t care to much for how humanity is portrayed. I don’t know though…

I don’t think everyone is murderous, but we all have violence running through our veins. Some only a little, others a lot. You exploit that, make a holiday out of it (i.e. suppression then release as an accepted social norm), then hell, I’d be shocked if things didn’t go down in much the same way this movie seems to depict. It’s not as if the premise of it is that we’re all murderous either – there’s the family, locked in their home, the man being chased, and murderous a-holes, so the diversity of human natures different behavioral manifestations in different individuals seems pretty fairly represented.

Of course, the chances of me going to see it while it’s still playing in theatres is about the same as a snowball’s chance in hell because, well, I’m cheap and I’d rather wait. It looks like something I’d watch, so I probably will buy it once it’s out on disc. Maybe I’ll have more to say about it then (lol, or not, guess we’ll have to see). Seems like it’s something I’d like.


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