Admissions: Their Fall From Grace

I have been harping on the darkness and convoluted mazes of delusion and self-deception at play in the would be practitioners of light for years now. One of my favorite being a series of posts entitled The Flowers of Evil (which, while in and of itself a piece of sincere propaganda aimed toward dark siders here, hit on the blindness of the light quite well for something that wasn’t even primarily targeting their group(s) or teachings). And I am hardly the only one. A few strokes of brilliance on Khaos’s part took place when he expressed what he observed in the Jedi from where he stood; a few more sharp observations came from David. But oh did those light siders squirm and struggle to rationalize, refusing to concede that the heart of the light teachings was beyond them, lost to them… out of their sight.

Until now…

So is this how Jedi or the Lightor whatever you want to call it come to decisions?

Certainlyin the Darkwe would use favoritismplay politicsetcand certainlyyou can compare your coup to usbut if thats the way you want to achieve victoryour waywellthats just delicious.”

So deep into our way of doing things that they can’t avoid having their noses rubbed into it, not in their most ideal, best case scenario of coming to a resolution, and not in the means that have been employed. In the vehicle that is being used, that quite frankly must be – to some it means to get on board with Charles’ vote. And in itself the existence of such a vote necessitates a stance anyways, so even those not voting ‘no confidence’ are shown to be tainted. The process of finding their way necessitates they pass through more of the darkness they’ve become swaddled in.

I cast a vote of no confidence.

Not mainly focused on Hans decision thoughI cast it on the base that the LC has lost focus on furthering the LA and this has affected its message and growthIt has become exclusive instead of inclusive and has turned away many potential students with its ongoing indifference or inability to facilitate positive changeIt has strangled itself to a complete standstill of action and positive affect on its community and through its behavior no longer reflects the values it was once founded upon. If it cant lead by exampleit forfeits its right to lead and represent.”
~Darius Moor

From the mouth of someone who hasn’t lost sight of what lies at the heart of a light path. Of course, that he was formerly one of the better known and respected dark siders – with a resume reading that he was the first leader of the Dark side of this academy – isn’t lost on me. It’s really quite poetic. One of the darkest, once upon a time, and now one of the lightest. And only now does a substantial portion of the other light practitioners here see how they’ve fallen from grace, only now can they actually agree with Darius…

So says Darius, who is echoed by Vandor, whose statement is proven by Charles and his loyal puppy dogs, and is further validated by Sotunus’s clear, splendidly truthful admission.

It is time we air the flaws of the Aspect and ourselves as a groupand to discuss those and to move forward from this position of greater insight.

As it standswe are failing our studentsof which this vote is but one further failureA necessary step but as a group of teachers a further failure.

We have moved away from the heart of where we began and our rootsWe have moved away from the archetype of Jedi, we have embraced restrictive legislature which cripples our efforts as much as enables usIf we require so many rules for ourselvesthan where does our training standIf we cannot trust ourselves and our students on the basis of conscious than what audacity do we have to claim the titles of Knights.

Our training amounts to ticking of boxes that exemplify an archetypal superman able to achieve all while maintaining a stable lifeWe have placed our faith in lectures and written word and in doing so have forgotten we are teachersIt is we that have the wealth of knowledgethe feed back our students needWe are not posters on a forumnor our students mere numbers on the viewing column.

Furthermoreand I have contributed to this, we have over focused our energies on the issues of the greater FAWe have made ourselves instrumental parts in the drama that the DA suffered and we have assisted in propagating the Mando situation.

Lastlynowwe have reached so great an impasse we cannot achieve serenity among our own councilWe have all failed to lead by examplenone of us can claim to have an impeccable record in what has brought this situation about.

So I ask those of the Lightas fellow Jedito remember this vote is to do with failings of us as an aspect as much as us failing as a council.”

Ladies and gentleman of the light, I would like to thank you for allowing me such a pleasing way to unwind at the end of a long day, by providing such a beautiful opportunity to gloat, and to say ‘I told you so’. I really enjoyed writing this. Just because I’m being dramatic and theatrical in the language I use here… don’t think I haven’t gotten a real kick out of this deterioration coming to a head, or that I didn’t truly enjoy pointing, laughing, in having posted this. It’s completely off the cuff, so do forgive any poor or unfair spin on the current situation; it’s all in good fun. Well… mostly.


For your viewing and listening pleasure…

It is such a quiet thingto fallBut far more terrible is to admit it.”
~Darth Traya

∞ ◊ ∞

(Notes for the Reader: Written June 15th, 2013. All quotations here, with the exception of Darth Traya, were pulled from a discussion being held in the Light discussion forum under the guise of a poll: Vote of No Confidence in the Light Council. I s’pose I should say, this is both mocking and whimsical. Tongue in cheek and off the cuff. Sincere, in a way, but… If it inspires any serious discussion, I’ll be surprised. The tone of this bit of writing, in itself, is less than ‘serious’. Hence why it was posted in the Fun Stuff forum of the Force Academy.)


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