Setting Things In Stone

Taking an oath, creating a code, living in accordance to a doctrine, and so on, are usually decried as means of self-entrapment. However, while one might say they encumber you, limit you, the truth of the matter is that they only define your limitations.

They do not create them, rather, they bring the limitations into focus. In spite of being portrayed as methods of inhibition and restriction, their value lies in that they can be a step towards liberation and growth, of the kind that’s guided and occurring in such a way that you grow not only away from something naughty, painful, or otherwise disliked, but towards something desired, towards the things that tug at your heart and incite a deep-seated spiritual hunger.

Limitations have been cause for discussion amongst darksiders for years. What they are, how one might surpass them, why they should be overcome, the feelings they inspire, and so on, and so forth. But their necessity is rarely touched on. The same can be said of doctrine, dogma, rules, codes… if they are spoken of, it is usually with contempt or with a dismissive attitude. The value, the purpose they can serve, is invariably overlooked.

“Indeed, for me, you are still the shatterer of all tombs. Hail to thee, my will! And only where there are tombs are there resurrections.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche

It is only when something is set in stone that it can be smashed.


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