Vision (The Sith Resource)

The Sith Resource is, in essence, a resource and experiment.

Whether you’re a practitioner or a curious onlooker, this site might serve as a resource for you, should you choose to use it. Just be sure to take note of the latin at the top of the forum, “Monstrum in Anima – Solus Sum” which means “Monster in Soul – I Am Alone” – newcomers should pay special attention to the second part, the statement ‘Solus Sum’. Essentially it’s meant to imply that those that go there, that sign up, are free to use the site as a resource – but the caveat is I’m not promising anything. I’m making and doing something, and opening the door for you to watch and encourage you to walk through and use what’s there, and maybe even to participate in making it. This is a new project, one that you’re welcome to jump in on and one that I’m willing to serve you through as best I can. But however you choose to put this resource to use, including how you use other people there, is entirely up to you. If it sounds like it might be of interest, feel free to Click Here.

If you’re familiar with other resources I’ve worked on, it might seem like this is based on the original wiki-styled site, The Sith Resource. If it is though, it’s only loosely – the most direct tie one has to the other is that they share a name. It’s purpose is similar; it’s meant to function as an interactive resource, a place free of any sense of obligation, a place of communication, independence, and perhaps a bit more welcoming than other venues. But unlike the original Resource project, it’s not a part of the Order of the Sith, the material here is organized differently and the scope of the contents will hopefully be far more expansive. There might be assignments, lectures, training courses, practices and techniques, and other works of various Sith, all from various sources; but regardless of how all of that plays out, there’ll definitely be space for discussion, journaling, and study.

My vested interest in this is, quite simply, an enduring desire to see the Sith Ways continue to develop and evolve. The aim here isn’t companionship, nor competition, it isn’t a forge, or a shark tank, or even a proper community. First and foremost it is a resource I’m putting together and experimenting with. Meaning that for any one person, for you, the one reading this, anyone else there is only another resource; just as you’re a resource to them. I’m not really asking for anything except that you take and use anything you find to be useful, anything that resonates with you, and I’m not really offering anything beyond what I’m doing in service to my own desires to experiment, further the development and spread of the Sith Ways, and showcase them as they were and are in the meantime. Questions, suggestions, etc. are welcome, but what you get out of the Resource is on you. My role there is to create something the way I believe it should be, perhaps collaborate with others, and to experiment independent of the responsibility or obligation that usually comes with hierarchy and community building.

That means, for anyone that happens to stop in there, the rule is solus sum.
Anyone and everyone is welcome, just keep in mind: you’re not entitled to anything.


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