Questions on Standing

“Where do you stand? Are you above others? Below them? Or do you see yourself as equal to them?”
~Alethea Thompson, Jedi Master

The answers these usually illicit tend to speak to a persons dispositions and self perception, but in answer to all of them, I’d ask for context. Are you better than me at reasoning, in debate? Then you’re above me. Are you ranked higher than me in an organization? Then in that context I’m lower than you. Am I better at you in creating prose, able to build a wider audience and yield more votes in literary competition? Than in that context I’m better than you. But there’s no fixed answer, so any broad stroke given as a response to these will always fall short, save for one: we are not equal.

In any given situation, at any given time, for any given purpose, when you compare one individual to another someone will be better than the other. I always believe I am above others though, because if I pay attention, if I’m perceptive, if I’m mindful, then I can see who I’m above. Further, I can see who I’m below and how, and trust that all it takes for me to shift into a higher position is the desire to (follow through on that desire goes without saying).

“How does this impact your life?”
~Alethea Thompson

My outlook, my perception on the matter of equality, on comparing and contrasting people, translates into greater efficiency. Simple as that.

These are the initial thoughts I had when I read a thread started by Alethea entitled Above, Below, or Equal?.


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