Motivations & Timing

The Sith Resource… why now? While I feel I still have plenty more to offer the Order, it’s a different style and has become the product of someone elses vision since I handed over the reigns, and while I’m not opposed to collaborating, offering support in a sense, and helping things along here, it doesn’t entirely satisfy what I would want to see in a site centered around Sith Realism. The resource is an opportunity for past teachings to be showcased and possibly dissected, torn down, or built upon, and its a return to the roots of the Sith. Miles has a peculiar relationship with the word ‘Sith’…

“This place frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.

Part of it is the association with Sith probably. The use of the term is difficult to preserve, in the way I use it to label my path. The symbol has such beautiful possibilities to me but it also has a major drawback. The origin is a symbol created in popular culture, and what has emerged as my path is nothing like that popular cultural identity. It may use that identity as a launching point, but it looks behind it for value.”
~Miles, Sith Lord

Which has, in fact, been a point of contention between us from time to time. Not that I hold it against him, but we’re not exactly the same ‘brand’ of Sith. Enough to co-exist, to help each other out, to connect and conflict with each other well, but there’s a subtle distinction between us, and what we resonate with. So when I say a “return to the roots of the Sith”, I doubt it is something he or others that resonate with his approach and outlook will always feel drawn to. But I have always possessed a certain passion for the mythos, for the older teachings (perhaps because of their flaws, rather than in spite of them, and for their burning passion, their brazen attempts to blaze a path forward and define what a Sith is). I might even go as far as to call it a sense of reverence.

The drawbacks of shallow thinking have always been outweighed by the benefits of dedicated, sincere, genuine practitioners of the Sith, and the count of how many will always remain one, for oneself, so – projection or valid observation – I rarely find it to be frustrating. Not to mention, shallow thinking (and it being shared) has always served as a potential gateway into something more. Not always… to be sure, some people are lost causes not worth knowing, but they’re truly few and far between, and almost inevitably weed themselves out or defy expectation to grow into someone that commands attention.

So the resource, as it exists now, is a showcasing of various highlights from different eras, many of them arguably a representation of the Sith Ways being articulated in a very early, infantile level of development, some being brilliant, ahead of their time, what you might call… “classics”.

As it may come to be, maybe others find resonance with the mythos, with older teachings and how they can be used as starting points, points of contrast or gestation for further evolution of different facets of the Sith Way, with a shameless willingness to draw on the fiction outright when it’s so desired, and in a place where recognition, hierarchy, and things of the like take a back seat, where the site itself isn’t so pretentious, doesn’t take itself so seriously (and this is less a stab at OotS than at other sites) that it requires regular activity on a weekly or monthly basis to retain the ‘privilege’ of an account, or attaches arbitrary standards to things like the ‘Darth’ title in an ass backwards attempt to give it weight and meaning.


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