Master & Apprentice

Some might say that a master passes on all he knows to his apprentice, and that the apprentice shares everything with his master. But to put it like that implies homogenization, carbon copies. That’s not how it works in actual practice. No, we all have our secrets, our personal truths and experiences, and there’s very little of it that can be shared so directly. To be sure, there are hidden secrets to be found, but they cannot be given, not by any mentor or friend. They must be gained by you, for you. The best a mentor can do is offer hints, track and evaluate the apprentices progression, give encouragement, furnish tools you can use, and point to things that might need torn down.

However… when it comes right down to it, one on one training arrangements are a luxury.

What can be gained through an apprenticeship can just as well be attained by any individual, alone, if he’s driven enough. The student that commits to one will probably be well off for the experience, but no one should get hung up hoping for a surplus of guides that isn’t there. For in truth we are few and far between, and the responsibility of guiding someone down their own rabbit hole takes time and effort, both of which are limited resources. Few would be making the smart choice in passing up the opportunity if it’s there to seize, but, more importantly than that… you’re not Sith material if you’re the type to let limited resources hold you back.

My advice:
When there’s someone that can be useful to your own growth, that’s able and willing, use them well.
If there isn’t, don’t use it as an excuse to let yourself down, to rot in place when you could be moving forward.
In the end it shouldn’t matter; the best of us, formally apprenticed or not, are self-driven.



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