Status of the Order (Pt. 2)

A day after the first post of this title (Status of the Order) was put up here, an announcement was made at the Order of the Sith stating that the transition to the new forum was beginning on August 7th, and ending on the 13th. That transition is over and all the loose ends on the old forum are being tied up. Also stated then – and more recently in the announcement of ‘Official’ Welcome at the new site – was the status of the old site, the purpose it will serve. Out of convenience, I’ll simply quote what relates to that from the announcement at our new site…

“[The old forum] will remain accessible for those that would like to delve into its contents. It will be, in essence, an abandoned temple – filled with things of potential value and preserved for anyone that might take an interest in mining it for inspiration, or information. But aside from that, the old site is now officially closed in every other way, and we, here, are officially open for business.”

The foundation assignments have been revised and posted in the Sith Resource, which will more than likely be maintained on-site from now on. Stolas broke in the section for our lectures recently, and the library – housing lectures from a plethora of different sources and practitioners – is being steadily added to as we go. There’s already a table of contents organized by author, and there might also be one based on the sources, but that hasn’t been decided yet. So that, in short, is the current status update for the Order of the Sith. Anyone that’s interested in exploring what’s there can find the site here:


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