Talking Dead

I finally watched the latest episode of the Talking Dead (the one that followed last Sundays episode of The Walking DeadIsolation) and given the amount of talk surrounding it I took a few different things into consideration before even watching it. One was that Manson can wander around his point before getting to it, which would’ve explained some of the things I read about in the last day or so. Another was that the host of the show can be kind of a dick, just in general, and overall the show is pretty shallow and fast-paced.

Honestly, I went into it about as undecided and unbiased as I ever get and I was predicting that some valid points were probably being made on both sides  of the chatter. Meaning, of course, that I wasn’t expecting to find myself on one side or the other. Sympathy for both sides was a possibility I saw, and so was indifference. But after watching the show myself from start to finish, it’s ended up completely defying any of my expectations.

Halfway through I started to wonder what everyone on the net was talking about because as far as I could tell it was moving along pretty smoothly. There was the occasional minor tangent (and I do stress, minor) from Manson, and here and there the host was condescending, but nothing that lived up to all the virtual yapping people have been doing. So when I hit thirty minutes I was beginning to wonder, ” well, just what the hell are people talking about?”

Then five minutes after that I started to see exactly what people were talking about, and found I was completely wrong about boths sides having a point. I wasn’t torn between the two at all: the host was being a dick. Even the people that say (in M.M.’s defense) it was the wrong type of show for Manson to be on have me rolling my eyes. Manson’s tendency to meander around a subject notwithstanding, I didn’t see much of that going on at all. And what little I did see didn’t cause any “second-hand emberassment” for me, because every time he said something he made a point, or was cut off right as he was making it.

Not just cut off either, but cut off with snide, outright rude comments about being off topic. For mentioning World War Z, for instance, and how the “mega-herd” of walkers in The Walking Dead are better than the herds in Z, which I thought was a fair point. If you’ve seen so much as a fucking preview of that movie then you probably got what Manson was saying. In fact, it’s actually because of those previews, and the way the zombies look like an abstract swarm of insects instead of like zombies, that killed any interest I might have had in it before then (i.e. because of the zombie hoards in a preview of it, I doubt I’ll ever watch WWZ).

Anyways, about thirty-five minutes in I go from questioning what all the internet chatter is about to wondering why there’s any debate whatsoever about the host being a dick. I mean, there are only about two times I can recall, after having just watched it, where you could say Manson went off-topic.

Pretty much the only one that’s fair to point out though, is pretty minor and happened towards the beginning, which is: his comparison of Carrie to Jamee Lee Curtis in those Activia commercials. (lol, and for christs sake, there’s no denying the resemblance.) But I don’t consider a comparison to World War Z zombie hoardes to be anywhere near off-topic; seemed like a pretty straightforward compliment to the special effects of The Walking Dead to me, which just so happened to be what they were talking about at the time.

Other than that, they were almost all theories and comparisons the host didn’t agree with, but that weren’t hard to grasp. Nor did I find it difficult to follow as they were explained. The rest, the few offhand comments and the sillier theories were put out there for the sake of humor. Case in point was when Manson was talking about Rick getting a tractor and “de-legging” zombies. I was amused, and the host, instead of letting it pass as a casual comment, decided to essentially say, “ha, that’s stupid”. Funny thing is, if it hadn’t been for the tone and the look on his face, I would’ve just figured the host was joining in for all of five seconds. It looked like mocking to me though.

Now, all that being said… how this had people arguing or talking about it as much as it has, really baffles me. Yeah, the host was a bit of a dick, but was this whole fan base bickering really about anything? Not really. There’s not really a whole lot worth saying about the episode beyond that it was an episode of the Talking Dead, and that one of the guests that night was Marilyn Manson. Honestly. When I say there’s not really much beyond that worth saying, I’m also refering to most of this post.

(I think I wrote this on October 29th. Meant to post it then, and apparently I must have forgotten about it. So I’m posting it now.)


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