Wanting to Believe

It occurred to me recently, when seeing someone talk about how much they want to believe in a benevolent creator, that maybe most people have that desire. That desire to believe some creator set things in motion, and that it all has a purpose. But there’s this question that pops up in my head, completely sincere: Why?

I don’t understand it. Never will.

Even if there was a god, it wouldn’t be one to believe in.

If ever there was an exercise in futitlity…..


  1. God was lonely, I’m guessing. Wanted company. Built smart computers that did everything right except stop loneliness. He drank a whole pot of coffee and made computers with free will (us). The loneliness went away. But the free will led to murder. God shouted, “Hey!” The murdering stopped. The loneliness returned. God realized he had frightened away free will. Now he had a choice. Stop talking and go hide, or get rid of free will. He decided to get rid of free will and raised his hand high over his head. But before he could bring it down he realized he was in love with us. So he went off to hide and think. While he was away we decided there is no free will or God. Everyone disappeared in a bright pink blink. Everyone except God. He was lonely again and couldn’t sleep.

    Darth, hey. I hope you don’t mind, I think I’m going to post this as a blog entry. I wrote it just for you, but I think it might be something to post over there, too (www.storiform.com). I’ll probably edit the hecque out of it. I’m kind of OCDish in that regard.

    1. I don’t mind πŸ˜‰ . I still don’t see it as anything but a story, but I like your perspective. Reminds me a little of the way god seemed to be in the “Supernatural” TV show. Makes more sense than a lot of other opinions out there.

      1. Did you happen to take a look at the final version of it on my blog (www.storiform.com)? It’s a little different there, but still just a speculative story that might make sense to some people, but not to most.

  2. I see we’re sorta opposites, Darth. Personal experiences established my faith,
    and those I cannot deny. I’m a fan of Carl Jung, and I do keep my pagan roots in mind.
    If it looks like I’m trying to show Christian conservatives a new way of seeing the world,
    then my poetry is coming across correctly. Thank you for visiting! Cheerz, Keith

    1. Yeah we’re definitely on different ends of the spectrum haha. For me personal experiences shattered faith, if I ever had it to begin with, and everything since the earliest experiences have only reinforced my lack of belief. But I really don’t mind other people believing. Different stroked for different folks, as they say. πŸ™‚

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