Maleficus Amor

This is whatever I want it to be.
A managerie of poetry.

Filthy love or clean hate.
Parts of the self I wont sedate.

And other things from inside of me.
Begging and tearing to be free.

As the subtitle indicates, this is something of a playground for me to throw around thoughts, scraps of writing (whether it’s complete, or not), and generally just do whatever the hell I want to. I write about whatever I feel like writing about here. Sometimes I use it to talk about what’s going on in the online communities I’m part of, and other times I write out what I think of an album or a television show. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason, and sometimes there is; the only real constant is that this blog acts as an outlet for… whatever.

Facets of Maleficus Amor

Lectures) ♦ (Poetry)

Lest We Forget 
(2011) ♦ (2012) ♦ (2013)



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog — I’m sure there some dark aspects there you will enjoy — it’s too bad I don’t have an artist for my Darke Rhodes script — I think that’d be right up your alley. You may also enjoy the story I just posted called “How I Met Your Father” — it’s not what you’d expect. http://wp.me/p3oLaI-5k

  2. Hello, I am having trouble registering on your forum. The system is not sending the activation email. Thank you for your help. DK

    1. A lot of people seem to be having this problem. Apologies for not replying sooner but I take breaks from the site at irregular intervals and you signed up during one. Both your accounts are probably activated now that I’ve gone in and manually activated most of the inactive accounts. Let me know which one you want to keep and which you would like me to delete, and if you have any further problems feel free to let me know.

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