Altering The Past

People say you can’t change the past, but that’s not really true. All that survives of it is our rememberance, and memory… is just as malleable and imaginary as foresight. In fact, we alter it all the time. Drug addicts in “recovery” re-cast their indulgences as a sickness, as something completely different than what it was when they were high. Their present attitude changes, and that carries over, trasnmuting their weaknessor recreation into something very different than it had always been before, when their attitude was more receptive to the idea of drug use.

Folks change what their childhood was like, all the time: the serial killer who believes, in retrospect, that mommy and daddy kicking the shit out of him was the root of his later habits; the successful corporate douche who rose out of “poverty”. None of these examples apply in a general sense, nor do they mean that there wasn’t a solid, objective reality of what has occured… but all we have is what’s with us of it, in the present moment. Memories that we almost invariably alter in one way or another, in relation to the present, and to the potentials of the future we see in those present moments.

What I’m talking about is reminiscent of a fictional force technique.

When you drop a pebble into a river, what happens? There’s a splash, and then the splash disappears. The splash is real, but the river doesn’t change. It continues on just the same.
~Darth Caedus

Above is a metaphor used to describe the nature of that technique, by one of the most notable characters to use it. He further explained it to his apprentice at one point… and told her that the change was real, but that there was no danger of altering the objective past. Desperate to believe the changes she had made were real, Tahiri pointed out that while the objective reality of the past was unaffected, that pebble is still there. His response was that yes, it was still there, but only in her mind. My point, in recounting all of this, is that you can change the present and future by altering (a persons perceptions of) the past.

He used the flow walking technique to manipulate a woman into learning from him, supporting his efforts and values, and working with him against people they had both considered family, friends, and allies for the better part of their short lives. Not unlike any real, non-fictional person that changes his perception of the past to motivate him or herself, or to gain a sense of empowerment… or even of accomplishment. The only part of the past that needs to change in order to influence the present, is the perception of it. When that is transmuted, the reality of history (personal or collective) is virtually irrelevant.

In effect, for all intents and purposes, it’s changed all the time.


The Past is a Garden

I can’t think of a time when dwelling was ever really a good idea. I’m stubborn, and analytical, so I tend to do it often. But it’s definitely got a cost. There’s a reason I incorporated an aphorism to follow the first actual part of my holocron, the part summarizing my history with the online force realist communities:

The past is a garden of lessons, but chains can grow from any one of them.

Not very clever, but hopefully pretty clear about what I think when it comes to dwelling on the past. Take a walk through the garden every now and then, pick a few of the edibles, and be on your way. Stick around to long, poke and prod the fruits, wonder what they are, and they’ll sprout chains. To a point it’s unavoidable, we all walk into new chains all the time, but doing it when there’s no need is just stupid. Just as stupid as beating yourself up for being stupid of course, but the fact remains that if you’re being mindful you don’t always need to get wrapped up by shit like that. Walk in, pick a few fruits, and walk out. Instead of having the fruits of the past in your grasp, still on their trees and stalks as you study them, pick it, bite it, and decide what it is, whether you want more, based on how it tastes.

This isn’t a particularly unattached existence for people like me, what we learn is felt, tasted, judged. It’s visceral, and indecision, long pauses, tunnel vision, all get in the way of the next experience, the next step. “The Dark Side is a thing you must be enthralled in – in the grips of it, immersed in it, married and devoted to it – to truly perceive, appreciate, or understand. (~excerpt from ‘The Dark Is Nothing’). Continuing to move forward, evolve, grow, is part of what defines this path.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Right? Right.

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Notables of 2013

Oh what to say – or even think – about the past year, for this blog. I usually don’t reflect on it that much, and I definately haven’t done so in “proper” blogging fashion. There was one post, probably the first year Maleficus Amor existed, where I listed a few things I was looking forward to – (which, by the way, I very much enjoyed, with one exception). But I rarely do well timed holiday posts to say Merry Christmas (for instance). So I guess this year must be a fluke, because I did a holiday post on the 25th and here you are, reading this.

So, how was 2013? In terms of this blog, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great. Writing posts here is a secondary priority at best, and often times it doesn’t even make it that high up, proving to be a distant question mark on the list. With how much this place has been neglected though, ultimately… it hasn’t been half bad. Hell, so far the tally now is up to over 20,000 views. No, all things considered that’s not bad at all. Given that, I guess I’ll furnish some highlights in ‘celebration’ (or whatever) of the past year here…

Notables of 2013

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As far as other websites go… there’s plenty to tell, I suppose, but overall things have worked out pretty well thus far. That’s the long and short of it, for the moment. If you want to find out more about them you can always sign up at one of them (Order of the Sith), but I’m sure I’ll end up touching on that stuff here before to long into the new year, so if it’s of any interest you can also just wait for that to happen. In fact, you can probably expect something by tomorrow, if not within the next few hours. In any case, that about does it for this post.

Ladies & Gentleman…
Happy New Year.

The Honesty of Darkness

The death of a star – falling in upon itself – takes place in those of strength; those to weak are consumed. This is the beginning of insatiable hunger, ambitions, wants, passion; and it is the end of contentment, rest, peace. The individual becomes a black hole, and has lost all convention, all comfort, for having dispelled the light that had once constituted his being.

You look into it, and it returns your gaze. The darkness that defines it – that creates an abyss – will begin to speak. Understanding will emerge, and you will come to realize that this abyss is within yourself. Eventually, it will dawn on you: the abyss isn’t merely a part of you, it is who you truly are. Formerly distorted by the surrounding light, it will become clear to you, ready to be embraced.

∞ ◊ ∞

I am the Heart of Darkness.
I know no fear; but rather I instill it in my enemies.
I know the power of the Dark Side.
I am the fire of hate; the universe bows before me.
I pledge myself to the Darkness.
For I have found true life, in the Death of the Light.
~Author Unknown

I read this code a long, long time ago. Vallen – the darksider, not Spark – had used it in a lecture. Then, I had passed it over years ago, having decided it was poorly contructed and didn’t represent darkness or the way of the Sith accurately. Later, I had a change of heart and used it in a lecture of my own. Here, now, I seek to present the treasures to be found in the ways of our archetypes yet again.

I am the Heart of Darkness.

There is Darkness within everyone; it is the home of painful truths, of secret wants and desires. It is the hiding place of those things we willfully ignore, and it is more. Above all, it is the cradle of the heart. Sith taste, feel, and accept that this is where their heart really is, that this is even what the heart itself is; and that alone is an acknowledgment that takes strength.

But one does not become the Heart of Darkness suddenly or effortlessly, even after having found it. Pain, sweat, and struggle ensue, for it remains an elusive creature, always prancing here and there. When the individual begins to look outward, he becomes acquainted with the nature of this playful, mischievous, slippery fish of a heart. Only with an inward gaze can an adept begin to fathom it, feel it, and let it guide his hand.

I know no fear; but rather I instill it in my enemies.

It is, at first glance, a poor choice of words to say that a Sith knows no fear. Nevertheless, a message of value can still be discerned, especially by those well versed in our ways. To paraphrase an old friend, “to be feared by a Sith is no benefit, for the object of his fear becomes a target”. While it is not always the case that it becomes targeted as a result, to be feared by a Sith is no advantage. Speaking for myself, I know fear well. But the difference evident to me, a line seperating a common man from a true Sith, is that we do not become crippled; it is passed through, and we draw strength from the experience.

I imagine this could scare other people when enountered in someone like myself, and it is also a given that instilling fear in others can have a desirable effect on the outcome of certain situations; but unless the outcome being aimed for is close to the individuals heart, unless the purpose of this kind of manipulation is sincere, it’s a hollow tactic.

I know the power of the Dark Side.

Darkness, the Dark Side, is something different to each and every practitioner; it is about the individual. For myself, it is the individual. The Dark demands strength, through which there is the potential to gain greater power.

Power, when bolstered by strength, can become self-perpetuating. To know power, revelation and understanding has a greater oppurtunity to flourish. And though power is not the “be all, end all” of our way, possessing it and expanding it is a defining characteristic of the Dark practitioner. The strong and mindful will always find ways grow their influence, both in range and intensity.

I am the fire of hate; the universe bows before me.

Another picture is painted in proclaiming one’s self to be “the fire of hate”, not unlike the earlier line on fear. For the discerning eye, this to is an attempt to put on diplay an adepts willingness to attune himself to his feelings; to not only stand at the edge of the chasm, but to leap into the dark abyss beyond. To jump into the black hole… into yourself. To embrace your true nature.

As to the ‘universe’, that too is simply the individual bowing before himself. Not in submission, but in enthusiastic service to his own life. For the dead star recognizes that it is an entire universe in and of itself.

I pledge myself to the Darkness.

I must reiterate that the nature of darkness is left for the individual to experience and describe. No one can do that for you, and few will respect the sacrifices and strife demanded of those that come to know the Dark intimately, viscerally. To stand by what you’ve discovered within and what you’ve grown to become, to commit one’s self so absolutely is something many will not or cannot do.

But there are those that have, and those that will. Most of these few will eventually comprehend that conviction is indicative of strength. Taking the risks of their conviction in stride, they pledge themselves unflichingly to darkness.

For I have found true life, in the Death of the Light.

The definition of Light: a force of distortion, a Lie. The light of an individual is who he thinks he is, who and how he thinks others percieve him, the very opinions of other people on who he is, it is the ideals that would sublimate his heart, his nature. It comes from looking outward for definition and direction. The death of the Lie – the Light – gives birth to true life.

“A monster is a person who has stopped pretending…”
~Colson Whitehead

∞ ◊ ∞

The death of a stars light can be the birth of a monstrous soul, a dark abyss. You need only dispell the light, to be shamelessly honest with yourself, to be reborn as an infantile monster, and to grow into something you’re proud to be.


Elaborating on Monsters

Monsters came up in a conversation a while ago (on Mother’s Day), and I guess it caught me a little off guard… see, I don’t know that I did the outlook justice as I’ve come to understand it, and my mind was kind of blown just from the experience of that evening. If I had to guess, I’d say for each of us it was more about wanting to know, take each other in, and take it as it came; at least for me, it was about wanting to connect and see what it was like, rather than expecting it to be like anything… I just wasn’t expecting anything in particular, including that. The ‘mind blowing’ part of it, was more than just that, but suffice to say I’d like to talk about that particular subject (monsters) again, maybe more clearly.

Especially since having read something on Khaos’s blog – his mention of monsters, and of serial killers (among other things in relation to it) is very much in line with the way I look at it (e.g. some rough notes). In fact, it’s not at all unlike things I’ve already said between notes and an essay or two under this name, and most of the things I wrote (fictional and otherwise) during my term-ending “break” from the FA.

When I say I’m a monster, this is what it boils down to: I’m an animal. Maybe a clever one, but still just that. Despite me not being an expert in any of these… murder, violence, and serial murderers are among the more noteworthy things that had a lot of influence on the development or, to use what might be a better word, coalescence of this for me.

From some rough notes here

“If you want to look at some of the more extreme/repulsive/blatant and obvious/easily discernible monsters, take some time to study serial killers, especially some of the ones to be found in fiction, like Hannibal Lecter or Dexter. A lot of them are vicious, sadistic, and depraved. But they also don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They hide it from others, keep it to themselves as much as they can, but they don’t pretend like a lot of more “normal” people do. There’s no wondering “why”, no suffering over the pointlessness of it all. They simply are. I admit, I’m no serial killer. But if I was, I wouldn’t lie to myself about it.

It’s like the differences between the fool (the average man), the wise man (the smart/perceptive/wise man), and the leader (the elite, the best, the ones that sit atop the pyramid and look for ways to make the whole thing/pyramid/structure move). Though the attitude varies, the fool buys into the theatrics, the wise man sees through them, and the leader puts them to use. The average man buys in to the lies he tells himself, a wise man will know, acknowledge, and perhaps even accept what he is, and a deified man will embrace it. In doing so, he will become more sophisticated.”

I mean this is why someone like Mortose isn’t someone I mind for being who or what she is. I don’t hold it against her, in fact, damaged though she may be from certain perspectives (even my own, actually), she knows what she’s doing. It’s not something I’m inclined to make a moral call on. My thing is instead of “you’re not like me, so fuck you” or “fuck you, you’re evil”, I tend to see it more along the lines of “I can see that in myself, and that…”. I mean honestly, one of the biggest differences between me and people like that is I’m probably not a danger to you, I can identify with and empathize, and I’m just generally more likable (or so my mounting years of social experience would lead me to believe).

Or same point, but with another example, this one from a fictional story: Brian Moser; I like him. Unrestrained, simply acting on his nature, no guilt, no shame, no needless dwelling or over-complicating things in his head asking ultimately pointless, disheartening, or otherwise daunting, wearing, ‘drag me down’ questions. Not a whole lot of doubt going on there. And of the few people I’ve met that are sociopathic, arguably dangerous, the most danger they tend to pose to me is the perception people have… there’s a sort of ‘guilt by association thing’ that comes into play; but the people themselves, I just don’t usually mind; they can be very fascinating to learn about and spend time with.

I never forget that line from the litany against fear that I (fittingly) mis-remembered for years. The original is “fear is the mindkiller”. As I’ve tried to flesh out this idea of what a “monster” even is, it’s all been collapsing to a very basic thing, and I can’t help but associate my variation with that thing: doubt is the mind killer. Because what it all boils down to: we’re animals. Animals can be scary, even sophisticated, intelligent; being a beast doesn’t preclude that. Hell, some are mostly benign, even pretty kind-natured in most contexts. But the point of that essential piece, is that there is a core, true nature from which every ‘complexity’ springs, and it I think it awakens when reason starts to sleep. And when you’re just being what you are… how is there even any room for remorse or shame or… well, you get the point.

The funny thing is, I’m not a very malicious person by nature. I’m certainly no serial killer… hell, I’m not even a sadist or psychopath. That’s not really the kind of monster I am. And I don’t know how much shame, self-doubt, or insecurity is at play with real people who make a habit of murdering other people, but I don’t think Ted Bundy had much of that going on. So I am not quite the same as people like that, and admittedly can’t be sure of what’s going on underneath the surface with them. In any case though, there’s something in all of that I identify and resonate with on some level… I prefer fictional examples for one main reason: you get a more in-depth look at them, into their psyches. Maybe as deep, at least for the creators of such characters, as one can go without actually being one of them. Like something Khaos mentioned not to long ago…

“I’m reminded of The Silence of the Lambs novel (much better than the movie) in where Clarice Starling, upon first meeting Hannibal Lecter, tries to appeal to his Vanity in making him take a test to which he asks why he should. She replies that he might be interested to know what happened to make him what he is. To which he replied…

Nothing happened to me. I happened. You cant reduce me to a set of influences.’

Which I thought showed more self understanding than any other answer would have.”
~Khaos, No Answers

I feel at bottom we’re all quite simple, much more so than folks generally like to pretend. And no matter how complex a person might seem… it’s been my experience that there’s an essence there, a base, a ‘true nature (as I like to call it) that all of it springs from. That doesn’t mean it’s all working smoothly, or that some of us aren’t a complete mess (hence this idea that we’re so complicated, when in fact we’re just simple creatures with a divine drive to expand, connect, attach, lose, suffer, contract, and round again to expanding…). What seems like complexity is only really conflicting extensions off of the same foundation or basis. Like a tree with branches growing across and into each other, growing downwards… kind of like that.

(I wrote this out in June, and apparently never got around to posting itI noticed it was still in the drafts section today though and thought, what the hell, I might as well post it now.)

The Students Approach

A Method Of Discovering & Strengthening Oneself

The people that find their way to places like the Force Academy and make the choice to embrace their resonance with darkness fulfill the role of a student. Regardless of solitary experience or lack thereof, the power – whether in mind, body, or spirit – an individual might command or submit to, newcomers here are students. Whatever they are looking for here, it is effective to first turn ones gaze inward, and then to tear down the walls, opening up to others here, using them as a part of the process.

Erecting walls, fortifying oneself against things that might be dangerous, repulsive, terrifying, or uncomfortable… forging means of safety and comfort inhibits the individual from realizing dreams, fulfilling desire. For them, the instruments are inhibitions and impediments, instruments of safety. The student most often uses them to seek safe harbor, peace, despite the consequences, the stunted growth. At this stage, hiding behind shields and masks is nothing short of self-sabotage. The tact advised? Drop them.

Instruments Of Safety

A Shield, often manifested in the form of projection, is built upon the anvil of delusion and denail. Symbolically it is external, but refrain from indulging in that lie. It has value, but only for being something of the individuals own creation, that is what makes it worth study and exploration. Beyond that, it is a hindrance. I say study what you project to see what it can show of what’s within; afterwards, the student need not retain it. It bears the brunt of forces that could break you, avoiding real conflict, deflecting away hostility before it can become an oppurtunity for growth, creating hostility or conflict as a distraction from your soft spots… It is the first line of defense, and it must be dropped.

A set of Armour, representative of supposedly “thick-skin” and the kind of interaction that denotes it, prevents you from the full experience your wounds could otherwise give. Instead of a gash, there’s nothing but a bruise; instead of being impaled, nothing but a bruise. If pain is a teacher, what greater lessons would a stab through the heart teach when compared to nicks and scratches? I dare say far more than the armour would allow. This… this is the second line of defense, and it must be dropped.

Masks come in pairs. The obvious one, the mask shown to other people, is what may first come to mind. It protects you and I from knowing what might otherwise be laid bear to other people, protects from their exploitation. It’s used for deception, lies, deflection, misidirection. The outer mask is the third line of defense, and it must be dropped. But as subtle as the third instrument is, there is another far more insidious in nature. The inner mask, the one that hides the student from him or herself. It keeps you safe from the burden of self-knowledge, obscuring your true nature and wants, making it difficult to connect meaningfully with anything. It is the fourth line of defense, perhaps the most detrimental, and it must be dropped.

If you choose to insulate yourself from things that hurt, even when they probably cannot kill anways, you will never find what makes you stronger. Verily, a great deal of a dark students journey consists of destroying these constructs, smashing, dismantling, and ripping them apart. Particularly in the formative years of his or her life. It’s more comfortable to leave them in place, to learn to accept the encumberment and all the limitations that come from these instruments, but no one said this way of life is blissful or easy.

Strength Through Vulnerability

If you want to get anything out of the communities (e.g. The Force Academy, Order of the Sith) or the people here as a student, you’ve got to allow yourself to get attached to it, to them, instead of hiding behind the excuse that it’s just names on a screen. It’s perfectly true of course, but taking it to an extreme closes you off from the benefit of letting those people matter, lessens how much you can use them for your own growth, and becomes an excuse to stay comfortable with your life, however dissatisfied you might be, however mediocre you are, and regardless of how close to the mark criticisms or snide remarks might be when thrown you’re way.

I would encourage any would-be student to sacrifice the comfort of that convenient excuse in favor of the opportunity to invest yourself a little, to admit that certain people – and what they have to say – matter to you. Forge some connections, take some emotional risk… if you deliberately invest yourself instead of hiding behind a veneer of apathy, you might just get a return on that investment. The reason used to brush things off, that “it’s only the internet”, is the very reason you should open yourself up and stop pretending you don’t care whenever that becomes a convenient cop out: at the end of the day, it’s only the internet, and names on a screen.

While in some contexts it’s stupid to lay down your armor, lower your guard, or leave yourself open to attack, with the context here – especially if the motive is to get a baseline, focused, and usable understanding of oneself, and if one is to explore, build, and expand on their own foundations – it is advised that the student worry about that after he or she has become familiar with the lessons that can be learned from embracing and understanding ones own vulnerabilities and weak points, not before. Maintaining an ‘advantage’ and protecting yourself with forms of armor can be worried about later, in situations and places where bearing your throat can actually result in serious physical injury or death.

A Transitory Luxury

Enjoy the benefits of transparency while you can, because eventually you’ll grow beyond it. There will come a time when it’s easier to spill your guts to everybody, to rely on others for the source of insight, conflict, confidence, even easier than it once would have been to indulge in self-deceptions. And the price of that luxury will be higher and higher, it will hinder your efforts and ambitions. It will drag you down. If you’re worth a damn, that will be when you decide to take on the responsibility of doing for yourself what you learned to do with others, continuing your personal evolution. But until then, do yourself and the more experienced practitioners here a favor: don’t pretend you’re anything but a student.

“Understand, I come here to grow as a person, and I have found that, by making myself vulnerable, by exposing my core in an environment where the actual risks are controlled, I become stronger so that I can face the challenges in environments where I have no control over the outcome. It seems to me that my peers, Victorus and Draconis to name a few, share the same goal and methodology.”
~Darth Draeth

If you’re looking for ways to explore yourself, and expand, grow, and evolve, you’re going to have to suck up the fact that you need to open up, and embrace vulnerability as a path of strength. You’re going to have to set aside your instruments of safety if you really want to become a stronger individual – when or if you pick them up again, they will not need to be used as instruments of safety; instead, they will be instruments of your Will, your Desire, your True Nature, plain and simple. Don’t be a pussy, bare your throat, because ultimately, it’s not going to kill you.

The Dark Is Nothing

Black HoleIf I equate the individual to a black hole, the following question comes to mind: does the abyss contain an all-consuming fire, pulling inward all that it can, or is it empty, a void of nothingness? I would say both; in order to synthesize the two ideas, another idea might be introduced that brings a greater understanding of what seems to be a contradiction at first glance. It is the assertion that nothing isn’t really nothing… that ‘nothing’, if it can be pointed to and called anything at all, must be ‘something’.

“Strong hope is a much greater stimulant of life than any single realized joy could be.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Hope is empty, unfulfilled, hollow. Like desire, like ambition. They are, in their own strange way, voids. And they are also an important part of the strength and reach of gravity an individual can have. They ache to fill themselves. Little ambitions, small hopes, meager embers… they allow only for a quaint field of gravity. A flame that’s fed though, a dark flame that grows into an inferno… well, I’ve been known to say that we’re all born bright and shiny, but few develop the true gravity and darkness of a Dead Star fallen in upon itself.

DarkStar[1]For the successful Dark Adept, that so-called ‘nothing’ is the flame within, one that grows exponentially, insatiable, devouring all it is able to, and growing more able all the while. So it is indeed ‘something’, but beyond the experience or range of perceptions possessed by any true servant/follower of the light, and perhaps even beyond what most people can see or grasp, in spite of whatever brushes or flirtations with it they might have had in the past. The lighter folk especially… they can’t really pin it down as being anything, and so they call it nothing.

The Dark Side is a thing you must be enthralled in – in the grips of it, immersed in it, married and devoted to it – to truly perceive, appreciate, or understand. Dionysian, beyond the experience of a purely Apollonian spirituality. It is forever beyond reach of light bearers for the same reason that light will always be beyond me… I am not of it, and they are not of the Dark. To them, the dark is nothing. To us, it is everything.

Motivations & Timing

The Sith Resource… why now? While I feel I still have plenty more to offer the Order, it’s a different style and has become the product of someone elses vision since I handed over the reigns, and while I’m not opposed to collaborating, offering support in a sense, and helping things along here, it doesn’t entirely satisfy what I would want to see in a site centered around Sith Realism. The resource is an opportunity for past teachings to be showcased and possibly dissected, torn down, or built upon, and its a return to the roots of the Sith. Miles has a peculiar relationship with the word ‘Sith’…

“This place frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.

Part of it is the association with Sith probably. The use of the term is difficult to preserve, in the way I use it to label my path. The symbol has such beautiful possibilities to me but it also has a major drawback. The origin is a symbol created in popular culture, and what has emerged as my path is nothing like that popular cultural identity. It may use that identity as a launching point, but it looks behind it for value.”
~Miles, Sith Lord

Which has, in fact, been a point of contention between us from time to time. Not that I hold it against him, but we’re not exactly the same ‘brand’ of Sith. Enough to co-exist, to help each other out, to connect and conflict with each other well, but there’s a subtle distinction between us, and what we resonate with. So when I say a “return to the roots of the Sith”, I doubt it is something he or others that resonate with his approach and outlook will always feel drawn to. But I have always possessed a certain passion for the mythos, for the older teachings (perhaps because of their flaws, rather than in spite of them, and for their burning passion, their brazen attempts to blaze a path forward and define what a Sith is). I might even go as far as to call it a sense of reverence.

The drawbacks of shallow thinking have always been outweighed by the benefits of dedicated, sincere, genuine practitioners of the Sith, and the count of how many will always remain one, for oneself, so – projection or valid observation – I rarely find it to be frustrating. Not to mention, shallow thinking (and it being shared) has always served as a potential gateway into something more. Not always… to be sure, some people are lost causes not worth knowing, but they’re truly few and far between, and almost inevitably weed themselves out or defy expectation to grow into someone that commands attention.

So the resource, as it exists now, is a showcasing of various highlights from different eras, many of them arguably a representation of the Sith Ways being articulated in a very early, infantile level of development, some being brilliant, ahead of their time, what you might call… “classics”.

As it may come to be, maybe others find resonance with the mythos, with older teachings and how they can be used as starting points, points of contrast or gestation for further evolution of different facets of the Sith Way, with a shameless willingness to draw on the fiction outright when it’s so desired, and in a place where recognition, hierarchy, and things of the like take a back seat, where the site itself isn’t so pretentious, doesn’t take itself so seriously (and this is less a stab at OotS than at other sites) that it requires regular activity on a weekly or monthly basis to retain the ‘privilege’ of an account, or attaches arbitrary standards to things like the ‘Darth’ title in an ass backwards attempt to give it weight and meaning.

Sith Aphorism

Be what you are – make choices and act on them – and there are no limitations.

Vision (The Sith Resource)

The Sith Resource is, in essence, a resource and experiment.

Whether you’re a practitioner or a curious onlooker, this site might serve as a resource for you, should you choose to use it. Just be sure to take note of the latin at the top of the forum, “Monstrum in Anima – Solus Sum” which means “Monster in Soul – I Am Alone” – newcomers should pay special attention to the second part, the statement ‘Solus Sum’. Essentially it’s meant to imply that those that go there, that sign up, are free to use the site as a resource – but the caveat is I’m not promising anything. I’m making and doing something, and opening the door for you to watch and encourage you to walk through and use what’s there, and maybe even to participate in making it. This is a new project, one that you’re welcome to jump in on and one that I’m willing to serve you through as best I can. But however you choose to put this resource to use, including how you use other people there, is entirely up to you. If it sounds like it might be of interest, feel free to Click Here.

If you’re familiar with other resources I’ve worked on, it might seem like this is based on the original wiki-styled site, The Sith Resource. If it is though, it’s only loosely – the most direct tie one has to the other is that they share a name. It’s purpose is similar; it’s meant to function as an interactive resource, a place free of any sense of obligation, a place of communication, independence, and perhaps a bit more welcoming than other venues. But unlike the original Resource project, it’s not a part of the Order of the Sith, the material here is organized differently and the scope of the contents will hopefully be far more expansive. There might be assignments, lectures, training courses, practices and techniques, and other works of various Sith, all from various sources; but regardless of how all of that plays out, there’ll definitely be space for discussion, journaling, and study.

My vested interest in this is, quite simply, an enduring desire to see the Sith Ways continue to develop and evolve. The aim here isn’t companionship, nor competition, it isn’t a forge, or a shark tank, or even a proper community. First and foremost it is a resource I’m putting together and experimenting with. Meaning that for any one person, for you, the one reading this, anyone else there is only another resource; just as you’re a resource to them. I’m not really asking for anything except that you take and use anything you find to be useful, anything that resonates with you, and I’m not really offering anything beyond what I’m doing in service to my own desires to experiment, further the development and spread of the Sith Ways, and showcase them as they were and are in the meantime. Questions, suggestions, etc. are welcome, but what you get out of the Resource is on you. My role there is to create something the way I believe it should be, perhaps collaborate with others, and to experiment independent of the responsibility or obligation that usually comes with hierarchy and community building.

That means, for anyone that happens to stop in there, the rule is solus sum.
Anyone and everyone is welcome, just keep in mind: you’re not entitled to anything.