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We’re All Selfish

“Genuine selflessness usually lies in the more mundane of actions. Of course giving 10 bucks to a charity is indirectly self-serving, it makes me feel better contributing to the community. However, getting up at 6 AM with the kids so that my mother might get some much needed rest, is not. That’s because I love my mother and I want to make her life a bit easier when I can.”
~Anirac Morgan

And yet…

“That’s because I love my mother and I want to make her life a bit easier when I can.”
~Anirac Morgan

I’m failing to see how it’s not self-centric.

Nothing you can do will ever revolve around someone else.

There’s a difference between being self-absorbed and being self-centered. There’s also a difference between those two things (both categorized hapharzardly by you and Vandor as ‘selfish’) and ‘true selflessness’. The latter is mistakenly believed to be different because of an incomplete awareness. See the above quotes. Self-centric, despite that you’re not focusing on the source of your actions.

We’re all selfish. Recognizing that is just a matter of self awareness.

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Where’s Your Focus?

The matter of focus – and on where it is at – has come up a lot for me in recent times. I touched on it in an exchange about where it should lie when dealing with titles, ranks, and how to use them effectively, and again in the midst of a similar discussion with Zeref at the Sith Resource. Before these encounters, I’d come upon the issue when I wrote Degrees of Control, because the idea of ‘control’ is as a focus is, well, a poor choice; it’s better placed on the deeper reality (and learning how to navigate it effectively) of ‘influence’ because that, and only that, is where a sense of control comes from. In fact years ago I saw the importance of focus – and effective placement of it – when it dawned on me that traits (such as ruthlessness, patience, cunning, etc.) only truly blossomed from within when the heart of a path was focused on. They emerge and grow naturally from it.

In thinking about the Jedi and how they might effectively deal with their many, many shortcomings (specifically, members of the light aspect at the Force Academy) it came to mind again, because one of the most horrid flaws I see is in the attention given to be ‘practical’, being ‘real’, being ‘credible’… See, CPR training doesn’t make you a Jedi, knowing what your local laws are doesn’t either. They’re all practical, natural extensions of what lies at the heart of their teachings, but they’re not where the focus should be. Interest and training in those sorts of things come from focusing on self-sacrifice, on serving others, acting out of compassion, and developing the virtues of a light practitioner through active practice; the rest follows naturally.

Another facet that opened up to me is focusing on what you enjoy, on what you resonate with, care about, and get off on. For a lot of people, it doesn’t seem that they pay much attention to that. In my own case, I don’t enjoy constantly being immersed in political discussions, especially not if it’s at the cost of a purpose I want something to serve, and definitely not at the expense of my enjoyment, curiosity, or sincere interest. So I’ve shifted my focus toward under-developed facets of Sith Realism (e.g. traditions, rites, lore), many of which I always like exploring, fleshing out, and experimenting with in discussion and effective application. If you’re heart’s not in what you’re doing or what you are a part of and you’re giving it time, effort, and attention, you’re wasting your time. I’m not wasting mine, I want satisfaction.

What you do with your head needs to be based off of what’s in your heart.
It’s a simple principle, and it’s one that I apply daily.

Questions on Standing

“Where do you stand? Are you above others? Below them? Or do you see yourself as equal to them?”
~Alethea Thompson, Jedi Master

The answers these usually illicit tend to speak to a persons dispositions and self perception, but in answer to all of them, I’d ask for context. Are you better than me at reasoning, in debate? Then you’re above me. Are you ranked higher than me in an organization? Then in that context I’m lower than you. Am I better at you in creating prose, able to build a wider audience and yield more votes in literary competition? Than in that context I’m better than you. But there’s no fixed answer, so any broad stroke given as a response to these will always fall short, save for one: we are not equal.

In any given situation, at any given time, for any given purpose, when you compare one individual to another someone will be better than the other. I always believe I am above others though, because if I pay attention, if I’m perceptive, if I’m mindful, then I can see who I’m above. Further, I can see who I’m below and how, and trust that all it takes for me to shift into a higher position is the desire to (follow through on that desire goes without saying).

“How does this impact your life?”
~Alethea Thompson

My outlook, my perception on the matter of equality, on comparing and contrasting people, translates into greater efficiency. Simple as that.

These are the initial thoughts I had when I read a thread started by Alethea entitled Above, Below, or Equal?.

Admissions: Their Fall From Grace

I have been harping on the darkness and convoluted mazes of delusion and self-deception at play in the would be practitioners of light for years now. One of my favorite being a series of posts entitled The Flowers of Evil (which, while in and of itself a piece of sincere propaganda aimed toward dark siders here, hit on the blindness of the light quite well for something that wasn’t even primarily targeting their group(s) or teachings). And I am hardly the only one. A few strokes of brilliance on Khaos’s part took place when he expressed what he observed in the Jedi from where he stood; a few more sharp observations came from David. But oh did those light siders squirm and struggle to rationalize, refusing to concede that the heart of the light teachings was beyond them, lost to them… out of their sight.

Until now…

So is this how Jedi or the Lightor whatever you want to call it come to decisions?

Certainlyin the Darkwe would use favoritismplay politicsetcand certainlyyou can compare your coup to usbut if thats the way you want to achieve victoryour waywellthats just delicious.”

So deep into our way of doing things that they can’t avoid having their noses rubbed into it, not in their most ideal, best case scenario of coming to a resolution, and not in the means that have been employed. In the vehicle that is being used, that quite frankly must be – to some it means to get on board with Charles’ vote. And in itself the existence of such a vote necessitates a stance anyways, so even those not voting ‘no confidence’ are shown to be tainted. The process of finding their way necessitates they pass through more of the darkness they’ve become swaddled in.

I cast a vote of no confidence.

Not mainly focused on Hans decision thoughI cast it on the base that the LC has lost focus on furthering the LA and this has affected its message and growthIt has become exclusive instead of inclusive and has turned away many potential students with its ongoing indifference or inability to facilitate positive changeIt has strangled itself to a complete standstill of action and positive affect on its community and through its behavior no longer reflects the values it was once founded upon. If it cant lead by exampleit forfeits its right to lead and represent.”
~Darius Moor

From the mouth of someone who hasn’t lost sight of what lies at the heart of a light path. Of course, that he was formerly one of the better known and respected dark siders – with a resume reading that he was the first leader of the Dark side of this academy – isn’t lost on me. It’s really quite poetic. One of the darkest, once upon a time, and now one of the lightest. And only now does a substantial portion of the other light practitioners here see how they’ve fallen from grace, only now can they actually agree with Darius…

So says Darius, who is echoed by Vandor, whose statement is proven by Charles and his loyal puppy dogs, and is further validated by Sotunus’s clear, splendidly truthful admission.

It is time we air the flaws of the Aspect and ourselves as a groupand to discuss those and to move forward from this position of greater insight.

As it standswe are failing our studentsof which this vote is but one further failureA necessary step but as a group of teachers a further failure.

We have moved away from the heart of where we began and our rootsWe have moved away from the archetype of Jedi, we have embraced restrictive legislature which cripples our efforts as much as enables usIf we require so many rules for ourselvesthan where does our training standIf we cannot trust ourselves and our students on the basis of conscious than what audacity do we have to claim the titles of Knights.

Our training amounts to ticking of boxes that exemplify an archetypal superman able to achieve all while maintaining a stable lifeWe have placed our faith in lectures and written word and in doing so have forgotten we are teachersIt is we that have the wealth of knowledgethe feed back our students needWe are not posters on a forumnor our students mere numbers on the viewing column.

Furthermoreand I have contributed to this, we have over focused our energies on the issues of the greater FAWe have made ourselves instrumental parts in the drama that the DA suffered and we have assisted in propagating the Mando situation.

Lastlynowwe have reached so great an impasse we cannot achieve serenity among our own councilWe have all failed to lead by examplenone of us can claim to have an impeccable record in what has brought this situation about.

So I ask those of the Lightas fellow Jedito remember this vote is to do with failings of us as an aspect as much as us failing as a council.”

Ladies and gentleman of the light, I would like to thank you for allowing me such a pleasing way to unwind at the end of a long day, by providing such a beautiful opportunity to gloat, and to say ‘I told you so’. I really enjoyed writing this. Just because I’m being dramatic and theatrical in the language I use here… don’t think I haven’t gotten a real kick out of this deterioration coming to a head, or that I didn’t truly enjoy pointing, laughing, in having posted this. It’s completely off the cuff, so do forgive any poor or unfair spin on the current situation; it’s all in good fun. Well… mostly.


For your viewing and listening pleasure…

It is such a quiet thingto fallBut far more terrible is to admit it.”
~Darth Traya

∞ ◊ ∞

(Notes for the Reader: Written June 15th, 2013. All quotations here, with the exception of Darth Traya, were pulled from a discussion being held in the Light discussion forum under the guise of a poll: Vote of No Confidence in the Light Council. I s’pose I should say, this is both mocking and whimsical. Tongue in cheek and off the cuff. Sincere, in a way, but… If it inspires any serious discussion, I’ll be surprised. The tone of this bit of writing, in itself, is less than ‘serious’. Hence why it was posted in the Fun Stuff forum of the Force Academy.)

A New Project

I started thinking about an experimental project last week, and tried out a few different free forum hosts to see which I’d like to use and how I’d like to set things up. And now, there’s a new web site up called The Sith Resource (click here to check it out). It’s reminiscent of other projects, like the The Dark Holocron and the Sith Holocronoriginal, wiki-styled Resource site, but I think it’s got a lot more potential than either of those ever had. It’s kind of like a ‘Dark Holocron 2.0’ in a lot of ways. The content that’s being added is organized in a much simpler way though, and the fact that’s it’s on a forum instead of a blog or web page (like Adam Yaw’s Great Jedi Holocron, which was actually my initial inspiration for The Dark Holocron) means it can go as far – if not farther – as the Order of the Sith. And speaking of the Order, how it served as a partial inspiration is worth explaining.

If you spend any time at all at the Order – or, for that matter, the Force Academy – going upwards in the hierarchy has a lot to do with your role as a member of the place, the level of responsibility, and there are certain expectations that have developed for Knights, Lords, and other ‘leader-esque’ titles. It’s probably been a bit like that at the FA for most of that sites existence, but with OotS it seems more a part of the transformation it’s undergone over the last three or four years.

Anyways, the point is that the focus at the Sith Resource won’t relate much, if at all, to your role at the site. People of certain rank will be able to work one-on-one with less experienced people (e.g. newcomers), but it doesn’t mean there are any expectations that you do so. Leaders in these communities, including myself for a while, have gotten into a bad habit of expecting, pleading for, writing up a ‘call to arms’, or trying in some other way to illicit member contribution – and it can be done, because I’ve been one of the most accomplished in this, especially at the FA, in one of the most subversive, costly, and effective of ways – but we didn’t used to expect anything out of people, we didn’t used to act so entitled to membership interest and participation.

I think it came from the disappointment, the sense that there’s no point to it, the feeling of being sucked dry by everyone else when you’re the only one putting anything into a community… but the fact is, we aren’t entitled. And it’s a waste of time to expend more energy, more time, and more attention by worrying about whether other people are also doing something. If you want to expand your influence very far, it’s going to have to encompass some sheep to, so come to terms with it. If you’re one of the strong, dealing with, placating, and influencing the weak just comes with the territory. You don’t get to deal exclusively with the strongest no matter what you do, or how strong or successful you are. The best way to deal with it? Suck it up and deal with it.

That’s a pretty all-pervading theme of what I’ve done with the Resource so far; the way I look at it, I’m not aiming to judge anyone until I get to know them, and even afterwards it’s not going to be a judgement based on what they have or haven’t done for the site. Instead, it’s going to be based more on their own level of competence, their own state of being, their own passion as a practitioner of the Sith Ways, which doesn’t necessarily translate into high activity or contributions at a site, even at a site centering around their way of life. With an Order, I guess it only makes sense that it become more like an Order in that sense, but this isn’t an order, it’s a resource. Like I said in my personal intro, “the aim here is the study, showcasing, and development of Sith teachings and practices.” If you think about that, it doesn’t even necessitate individuals training and tacking their progression in a very personal or close way – if it happens it happens, I mean it’s bound to, but the focus is on the Ways of the Sith.

The rest of that post seems like a good closer for this post too, so to quote a bit more of it, “If you’re a Sith – or Sith Realism is just something you find to be interesting – then this site is here to serve you, and so am I. If you think you like the general idea of it and it seems like it might be worth exploring the content (or exploring yourself) then you’re not only welcome, you’re invited.” I’ll be there, doing my thing. And if you have any problems with the page loading, let me know. I still need to register on their support forum in case I need technical support from the web host at any point, but if there are any immediate problems I’ll make it a higher priority and try to get it fixed soonest.

Not All That Special

I used to really value my chosen places of communication, places like the Order of the Sith, and – later, much later – the Force Academy. There was something special about them, something unique, a kind of interaction and mode of connection that I hadn’t found anywhere besides places like these. Both of those are easy examples to draw on to, because – more than once – I’ve defined their value to me. At their best, they’re a means of communication and transformation, they can be used to gain a better awareness of yourself, your circumstances, your feelings, and so much more. They can be a forge for your outlook, opinions, and understanding. Ideas, observations, theories, principles, etc. can all be discussed and better articulated through them. And hell, they can even be a means of entertainment. Any and all of these things are a possible uses that these virtual communities can yield. So… I used to think they were something special.

But really, they’re not all that special or unique. The only thing that made them so was that they centered around the Sith Way, and other similar teachings and ways of life that can be lumped in for their shared origin points in the Star Wars mythos. But this is really the only thing that stands out and, to be honest, I’m not sure it’s enough to value in and of itself for this particular Sith. I keep asking myself what the fuck I need them for – and the fact is, aside from connecting and working with less experienced practitioners that usually don’t know jack shit, they’re not very useful to me. And now that I’m really thinking about it, it’s easy to see that this has been nagging at me from the back of my mind for a very, very long time. Aside from the prompt to revisit this via Khaos’s newest venture – Dissonance (The Dark Aspect): A World of Gods and Monsters – the extent of my transformation carved a pathway outwards for it to rise to the surface again.

The perspective seems to have been coalescing into something more appropriate to the monster I am – as opposed to the monster I was – and waiting, patiently, as things of the dark are wont to do, for me to form into something it was more compatible with. So I return to one of the simplest expressions of it, from a holocron entry on March 29th… “while I do find the FA still catches my interest, it does not go beyond the interest of a (morbidly?) curious monster looking upon an entertaining, enjoyable little puzzle box – of shifting discussions, dynamics, ideas, and so on.” Which I suppose could be spun to mean that sure, these places still have a place with me. But they’re not any higher up in value than a blog can be – at least not based on some of the things I’ve read in other corners of the internet. There’s nothing that makes a place like the FA intrinsically better, it just depends on the individual(s) that use it, and how they use it. Whatever you happen to haunt just depends on your preference.

(May 22nd)


Alethea started a thread (which is locked now, by the way) asking about different groups inspired by Star Wars, like the Baran Do or the Jensaarai, that might be in line with and fall under the umbrella of the Light Aspect of the Force Academy.

I’m not going to berate the possible restructuring that might or might not happen to the light aspect of the site though; don’t get me wrong, I could talk plenty of shit if I wanted to, point out all the possible ways it could be considered a bad idea, but Kiss is doing just fine with that and I’m not even sure he needs to be. I mean fuck, if nothing else it might shake things up, and it’s not like it’s bad to have something to experiment with. After all, it’s more than the Jedi are usually seen to be doing. So yeah, I don’t see a point in being just another naysayer in a long line of them (this time, anyways 😉 ).

I think the only thing that will irritate me – even if I only observe – is if it’s put together in an uninformed way; Alethea, Jedi Master or not, is not the most well versed in the mythos, so she’s definitely going to need some help to do this little exploration any justice. I think Miles mentioned that the Jensaarai had already been used, but that’s actually not a bad one to go with, to maybe flesh out, despite the inevitable parallels it would probably have with the new Mandolorian group.

I’m guessing Miles was referring to the Dark Aspects old ‘Jensari’ archetype, but firstly, I don’t think it really matters all that much because there’s still that essential core of it that’s either of a light orientation or a dark. And hell, in those terms, it’s different from the Mandolorian experiment because mandos aren’t really either one of those two at heart, at least from what I understand. Further though – and whether from errors on the part of the one that thought it up, or by design, I’ve always thought of this as wonderfully convenient – there’s a difference in spelling.

The Dark Aspects archetype was spelled as Jensari, so if someone were interested in developing a light based paradigm the correct spelling from the fiction, Jensaarai, is both more fitting (as the fictional order was a fairly light organization by the time Luke Skywalker stumbled onto them despite the Sith teachings that shaped their founding philosophies) and distinct from the Dark version. And also worth pointing out: how many Jensari are around these days? By my count, zero. So if the Jedi want to have some fun or experiment a little, then hey, why not.

Sex Offenders

So apparently police in Bradford County, Florida are posting signs outside the homes of convicted rapists and child molesters. David posted a thread about it at the Force Academy (What Do You Think About It?), opening it up for discussion with a picture…

‘Sexual Predator’ signs in Florida, posted by the police.

…and a question: what do you think? If I was interested in talking about it, I probably would’ve just posted in the thread there. But I would really rather not; instead I’m opting to just talk about it “monologue style” for the moment.

Time Served = Debt to Society Paid?

This idea is all well and fine in certain contexts, especially in matters of lesser impact or atrocity, because in those the difference between what “time served” for a given crime is set at and what I think it should be set at isn’t that big of a deal, especially since I don’t have huge issues ‘criminals’ getting off with light sentences when it comes to most things (e.g. theft, drug use or distribution, mildly violent crimes, etc.)…

But I kind of sidestep arguing about whether the debt is fulfilled by the time someone is released when it comes to child molesters. I don’t think the payment demanded of them is nearly enough, is in fact horrifically dwarfed by the magnitude of their crimes. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t fuck with kids (especially not literally). So in my book, the question of whether their time served means their “debt to society” is fulfilled isn’t even worth considering. Without hesitation and without fail I will come back with a “No”. The price they pay isn’t high enough for the crimes committed, so fuck no, their debt is not “fulfilled”.

Registered Sex Offenders

I don’t know about how well other states handle this – and am not really that impressed with California, the one I live in – but around here sex offenders have to be listed when they’re released. I think this is important not only in keeping people aware of where these people are living, but in providing information to the general public about why their name and address is on that list. You see, I don’t give two shits about some 18 or 19 year old guy banging his 16 or 17 year old girlfriend or vice versa (which as far as I know is statutory rape, even with consent of the younger party). That’s someone I won’t bother keeping an eye out for or bother with much, if at all. Someone that touches six year old boys or girls should be shot though, and since they’re unfortunately not, I want to be aware of which local sex offenders on the list possess this inclination, where they live, and so on.

So… What Do I Think About These Signs?

Do I think sex offender should have a sign posted in their yard? No. Even with my belief that they (that is, child molesters) should usually be castrated and shot, this tactic is bullshit. I think this partially because of reasons voiced by Richard…

“This sign is a recipe for disaster. Why?

Well, not because I think the pedophile is ‘innocent’.

But because I think nobody is “innocent”. People aren’t as much better than the paedophile as they think they are. In short, I think most people are shits, they are disgusting, they do disgusting things. But they’re always looking for ways to feel better about themselves. And how do they do that? They find scapegoats. They beat up scapegoats. They burn scapegoats.

The wife-beater is scum. But he will deflect from that by beating up the pedophile.

The dad who spends all the time at work and at the pub and spends no time with his kids is a piece of shit. But he will deflect from that by pissing in the pedophiles letterbox on his way home.

The guy who has failed in everything in his life is a loser. But he will deflect from that by smashing the pedophiles window.

The guy who wanks to abusive rape-style porn on the internet is a sick fuck. But he will deflect from that by setting fire to the pedophiles house.

People need to get to grips with their own sins and shit lives, not look to the modern-day witch as the scapegoat that they can use to escape their own failings.”

…in that I agree with them to a degree, and because you should be aware. There are already ways to be aware, and if you’re not then that’s on you. All a sign is going to accomplish is public ridicule, in and of itself and because of the kind of behavior it’ll inspire, especially since there seems to be nothing on those signs to distinguish an offender that’s got a statutory rape charge under his or her belt versus one that sexually abuses children; what’s that sign in the pic say? ‘Sexual predator’ sorry, but that ain’t good enough.

What I think… is that they shouldn’t really be doing it at all, but that if they are they should at least do it right and specify exactly what the fuck they mean by “sexual predator”, because I don’t consider a teenager over eighteen having consensual sex with his/her slightly under age boyfriend or girlfriend to be rape. If you’re going to saddle someone with a magnet for vandalism, ridicule, and who knows what else, it should at least be the ones that kind of deserve it. In a nutshell: I don’t think they should be putting up signs like that, and if they do then the signs should be more informative, for the benefit of all parties.

(Written April 19th, 2013)

Reinventing The Steel

The blog I started under a different name while I was absent from the FA, created with a fresh pen name that wasn’t saddled with anything but potential, has proven to be an interesting exploration, an interesting experiment. Certain elements that came out for me in putting it together will – actually already have, but will continue to – inevitably bleed over and come through in their own way here. Hence the title of this post. I may even nab some of my mind splatterings from there and add them here. I won’t necessarily abandon the other blog, I just have serious doubts it can be as satisfying or enjoyable as the one you’re at right now. It was was a nice change in stride and a bit of a learning experience in getting a feel for this medium from a very, very different (and in some ways far less restrictive) perspective.

You might have already noticed there are a few symbols up at the top of the site now. I got them there by tinkering with the text that’s supposed to appear at the top with this particular theme. They’re (4) trigrams (of the I Ching) that, combined (lower/higher & lower/higher) make two hexagrams which have current significance to a question I ‘divined’ the answer to. Not that I see ‘divining’ as much more than a means of bringing things into focus and taking broad advice or predictions and seeing how they can be applied to what’s currently going on in life. Anyways, there’s that slight tweak, along with a new image for the site, a new avatar, and an updated, shortened bio for my profile (which I mentioned in an earlier post just before the splurge of drafts, but have since revised again).

“I’m known pretty much everywhere online as (Darth) Draconis; I founded OotS in October of 2006, I studied at the FA for a time, was knighted (sometime in ’09 if memory serves) and served as head of the dark aspect there until March of ’13, when during an unannounced leave of absence I was removed from my position. I am a devotee of darkness, one could say, and a Sith (Realist) practitioner.”

There may be a few other reinventions to things here – to the way I do things and the way it’s all presented – as I go along, playing in my playground. I’m not sure anyone following along will necessarily enjoy the ride, but I am. So onward we go…

Fucking With Perceptions

How can you ever be sure that the things your told are honest? How much of what people say to you is deceit? I don’t think you can really know the answers to these questions, but then I also happen to think it doesn’t really matter. Whatever you percieve is likely what you need (or deserve I guess) to take out of it. Me? I bend the truth to portray things as I need them to be percieved, and I’ve get no moral hang-ups to trip me up when it comes to manipulating perceptions to achieve the results I need. And I’m fucking good at it. See, the beauty of deception it the presence of truth and sincerity, the former I can toy with endlessly and am able to convey and twist is any which way I like because of my sincerity. I am sincere in my deceptions.

Take what you’re reading right now for example. Even here, I’m deceiving you a little, spinning the fact that I – and others – do this all the time in such a way that it’s easier to see for what it is, and probably making myself out to be an unsavory character. Which is an impression that would’ve served me perfectly were I still acting leader of the Dark Aspect. but even now, it serves a purpose: in portraying myself this way, I’m demonstrating that perceptions can be manipulated in about as many ways as you can imagine. Because most people, online and offline, tend to find me pretty likeable. Even people that’ve read other posts here on this blog probably don’t look at me as a scumbag. But I may have changed that – whether in a big way or a small one – in telling you how much I might fuck with the idea you have of me.


People say “lead by example”, people say “communicate and be transparent”. It could be said I communicate and set an example more than anything, whether engaging in theatrics or simply doing something I want to be done. I’ve developed a habit of keeping my mouth shut about what I intend to do, or what I’m going to do. Instead, I say that I might do something, or I just do it whithout warning and explain (or not) as I please, or else I simply do it and say nothing. I prefer to scatter credit in the same way most people scatter blame, and though I often take it from those that give it to me I’d rather take criticisms, accusations, and vitriol. It suits my agenda better.

See what I mean? We manipulate the truth anyways, we shift the perceptions of others regardless of effort to do so. I just do it mindfully, to enact what I want without being overt. You set, a more straightforward approach is short-lived, so falls under the category of an effective tactic, but is far from the be all, end all of making ambitions into reality. I am above nothing. Words of encouragement, a show of gratitude, cold shouldering, passive aggressive conduct, abrasive words and insights… all is fair in Love and War.

All is fair in Life.

Of course, many of these are chains that will encumber a budding adept, and can be discarded to great effect. This opens up the opportunity to build a better foundation for them to spring from. If and as an adept progresses, it is almost inevitable that the chains will be picked up, but the adept that doesn’t lean on them as a crutch will be more victorious in whatever he turns his attention to. Ultimately, this process of seperation and reintegration serves to augment the value of these tools, and the effectiveness with which they can be applied by a Dark Adept.

(Written January 7th, 2013 // Unfinished // Initial Working Title: Lackluster)