My Old Lectures

Sometimes, I’d like to disown some of the lectures I’ve written. Like when someone references it in a discussion. Or when I happen to be revisting some of my own, and see one that’s gotten worse with age. Fortunately the ones this usually applies to, with how far back they were written and the age I was, that’s not to much of a real issue… It’s not that I ever really want to pretend it was someone else that wrote them, it’s that I’ve come far enough in my understanding and actual practice that I pretty much just look down my nose at those past writings. None of them are that bad either, to be honest; especially not for what they were at the time.

Some of them, I even have enough fondness for to rewrite. I did that with The Necessity of Power. It’s just that I’ve come so far since writing things like Power, Arrogance, & Corruption and The First Line: The Lie, I hardly know where to begin when I think about revisions. They seem so alien to me, and clumsy as hell. The message wasn’t conveyed clearly enough, the tone wasn’t as confident or definitive. When it comes to catologuing though… whether they fall under the category of what I’m talking about here or not, it would be nice to have some of the dates for when I wrote them. A select few… their age really ought to show as much as possible, because they’re just so far off from what I might say now.

That is, if they’re included, because in the end maybe they just don’t deserve to be archived or preserved. Case in point being with something like Power, Arrogance, & Corruption. You could probably find it somewhere anyways, with enough research. But as far as making an effort to keep it “logged”, so to speak, it just isn’t good enough to include. I kind of revisited the same things I wrote about recently in Arrogance & Modesty, and while that’s far from what I’d consider an adequate ‘replacement lecture’, it still gets across a more up to date understanding of arrogance than what I had back when I wrote my first contribution to the written lectures of the Sith.


The Cancer Cell

(Written July 18th & October 24th, 2012)

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.”
~Edward Abbey

Without direction, without purpose? That’s an interesting notion. But maybe it does have some kind of purpose that just seems irrlevant to the one the cancer is killing or harming. Lack of known purpose doesn’t mean lack of purpose. Not knowing what it is doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

“Cancer is fundamentally a disease of failure of regulation of tissue growth. In order for a normal cell to transform into a cancer cell, the genes which regulate cell growth and differentiation must be altered.”

Really, this reminds me of some of the conflicts that went on as the shark tanks population began to grow sparse, during the last days of the sixth dynasty. To some, the discussions – often petty, malicious, even short-sighted – might have seemed like cancerous growths. And perhaps they were. But they served a purpose.

In that sort of context, few seem to understand or acknowledge their purpose or comprehend what the presence of them might signify. But they have their value, as an indication of how far along in the cycles the people, the place, and the overall community might be in the midst of. Among other things.

It’s an illness of sorts to, just like the real deal. The part that isn’t entirely literal is that it isn’t fatal, at least not nearly as often.

(Written July 18th & October 24th, 2012)

The Tales Of Idiots

I wonder, sometimes, about the things that entertain us, as a society. I wonder if it’s entropy, a sign of deteroration, sickness; I wonder if it’s just the same as ever, signifying nothing, not admirable or alarming; and I wonder if it’s an indicator of change, evolution… progression of some sort, towards something.

Look at what captivates audiences, nationwide and worldwide. Does it make sense, or not? Is there a reason for what people seek so that they might be entertained, or just a matter of swirls, ripples, and eddies that hold no more reason than the waves or currents of the ocean? People watch other people doing regular, every day things, and they’re entertained. Storytellers give them tales of greatness, fellowship, triumph, arrogance, danger, and, finally, they give tales that are real, and imitate the lives that any average person could live. On that last bit, let me put it this way: even I, unfortunately, know who Snookie is. And it spreads, enraptures, fades away… 

It could be said that the abundance of reality shows, of television itself, is a medium that allows for stories with a shelf life. Will Jersey Shore or American Pickers gain the longevity and endurance of such stories as Macbeth or The Odyssey? Are we better or worse than we have been? Are we moving toward anything; just drifting along; or are we sinking, weakening, falling into oblivion. I ask myself these questions from one side of the spectrum to the other, and many in between. And I don’t know what to make of it.

If you gaze far enough into the future though, even humanity has an end in sight. They’re all tales told by idiots, and we’re no better. So I suppose it’s best to keep ones eye on the proverbial ball and look ahead only as far as one must.

(I have no idea when I wrote this, the earliest date I can find attached to it is July 15th, 2012… might be an even older fragment of writing that that. I don’t care enough to dig through handwritten notes to see if I dated it originally though. *shrugs*)

Sith Quote | Necrom

“A Sith is an individual devoted to constant growth. This growth, in almost every form, is aimed at becoming stronger. To me a Sith should be near proficient in near everything. Of course this is not possible to the fullest extent, but the Sith does not acknowledge possible failures when and where growth can be achieved, no matter what the size.”
~ Darth Necrom