peace is a lie

The Past is a Garden

I can’t think of a time when dwelling was ever really a good idea. I’m stubborn, and analytical, so I tend to do it often. But it’s definitely got a cost. There’s a reason I incorporated an aphorism to follow the first actual part of my holocron, the part summarizing my history with the online force realist communities:

The past is a garden of lessons, but chains can grow from any one of them.

Not very clever, but hopefully pretty clear about what I think when it comes to dwelling on the past. Take a walk through the garden every now and then, pick a few of the edibles, and be on your way. Stick around to long, poke and prod the fruits, wonder what they are, and they’ll sprout chains. To a point it’s unavoidable, we all walk into new chains all the time, but doing it when there’s no need is just stupid. Just as stupid as beating yourself up for being stupid of course, but the fact remains that if you’re being mindful you don’t always need to get wrapped up by shit like that. Walk in, pick a few fruits, and walk out. Instead of having the fruits of the past in your grasp, still on their trees and stalks as you study them, pick it, bite it, and decide what it is, whether you want more, based on how it tastes.

This isn’t a particularly unattached existence for people like me, what we learn is felt, tasted, judged. It’s visceral, and indecision, long pauses, tunnel vision, all get in the way of the next experience, the next step. “The Dark Side is a thing you must be enthralled in – in the grips of it, immersed in it, married and devoted to it – to truly perceive, appreciate, or understand. (~excerpt from ‘The Dark Is Nothing’). Continuing to move forward, evolve, grow, is part of what defines this path.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Right? Right.

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Darth Kryptos (Sith Quote)

“There is no peace. Open a history book. Human nature hates peace.”
~Darth Kryptos

It’s A Poison

I’ve refered to peace as a poison, or a symptom of one; a deadly poison that leads to premature spiritual death, and not in a good way. Apologies for that. I believe I was mistaken… the Dark Side is the poison; peace is merely an indicator. It signifies that a given person, community, or situation permeated with it has succumbed to the dark. Those that have begun to look to peace as their goal, their hope, are beginning to deteriorate. Those that have peace and want more… are sick, and secretly wish to die.

Whatever or wherever the poison is in that though, the Dark Side itself is another kind. The Dark Side is a poison that puts you at risk and can become, or in fact is one and the same, the poison associated with peace and with the servants of light. The dark side is a poison in mind body and spirit, and to those that take it willingly and are (or forges themselves into something) worthy of the power, and willing to pay whatever price it demands of them, to live with whatever stains on the soul and damages wrought… for them, it’s a poison worth taking/great medicine.

(Originally Written (sometime before) March 31st, 2012 // Tinkered with once or twice between then and October of ’12)

(Extremely Early Version/Attempt/Efforts of and toward this (click here to read))

A Fragment (Treachery)

(Written May 22nd, 2012)

In Treachery Is Everywhere, I said that treachery is empowering. It seems like that to me in the same way that nihilism can be empowering. At least, potentially.

In the grand scheme of things, let’s say nothing matters. So… what is a person to do about that? Decide what matters, that’s what. Or so I would hope, especially with the kind of people I have in mind.

It’s the same thing with treachery: that’s right, you can’t trust people, ideas, religions, or any of that, you can’t entirely trust the stability of your words, beliefs, relaionships, or anything else. So deal with it fucker.

Do whatever it is that you do, do it well, and know that everything is treacherous, anything can betray you, whether by accident or on purpose. And don’t just accept the treachery, embrace it, thrive on it.

(Written May 22nd, 2012)