My Old Lectures

Sometimes, I’d like to disown some of the lectures I’ve written. Like when someone references it in a discussion. Or when I happen to be revisting some of my own, and see one that’s gotten worse with age. Fortunately the ones this usually applies to, with how far back they were written and the age I was, that’s not to much of a real issue… It’s not that I ever really want to pretend it was someone else that wrote them, it’s that I’ve come far enough in my understanding and actual practice that I pretty much just look down my nose at those past writings. None of them are that bad either, to be honest; especially not for what they were at the time.

Some of them, I even have enough fondness for to rewrite. I did that with The Necessity of Power. It’s just that I’ve come so far since writing things like Power, Arrogance, & Corruption and The First Line: The Lie, I hardly know where to begin when I think about revisions. They seem so alien to me, and clumsy as hell. The message wasn’t conveyed clearly enough, the tone wasn’t as confident or definitive. When it comes to catologuing though… whether they fall under the category of what I’m talking about here or not, it would be nice to have some of the dates for when I wrote them. A select few… their age really ought to show as much as possible, because they’re just so far off from what I might say now.

That is, if they’re included, because in the end maybe they just don’t deserve to be archived or preserved. Case in point being with something like Power, Arrogance, & Corruption. You could probably find it somewhere anyways, with enough research. But as far as making an effort to keep it “logged”, so to speak, it just isn’t good enough to include. I kind of revisited the same things I wrote about recently in Arrogance & Modesty, and while that’s far from what I’d consider an adequate ‘replacement lecture’, it still gets across a more up to date understanding of arrogance than what I had back when I wrote my first contribution to the written lectures of the Sith.


Angels & Demons, If I Were God

(Written November 6th, 2011)


It’s not really part of my paradigm, not imagery I use regularly, but it’s interesting to liken emotions to angels and demons. Maybe that metaphor can offer a glimpse of my own experiences, or give someone else a better understanding of their own emotions… That’s not really my intent, but if it happens to kudos to me I guess.

So, in this, I’d be God. And I’d be mankind. Think of man as what is, and God as my potential, as what could be.

Demons, in the sense of fallen angels, aren’t any less than their heaven loving kin. They live in different places, their darkness obvious (honestly displayed) to whoever glances their way, and they probably behave a bit differently. Anger, Hate, Envy, Sadness, and so on… they are Demons.

Angels, light as they may seem, are beings of darkness. The light serves to decieve, hide, and protect their true nature from the imperceptive onlookers. But they are righteous, even manipulative. Their conduct is reflective of their service to God, where as the demons service is harder to see and understand (or appreciate).

With me so far? All of them are powerful, they’re  the same in essence, and they serve God.

I am A god.

So are you.

(Written November 6th, 2011)