A Random Comment

“All have the potential to be powerful. What separates them is whether they seek to grasp such power and rise above all else. Those who seek will find.”
~Darth Amavi

The above quote was a comment from a fellow calling himself Amavi. It was a comment on a piece I wrote and posted on a blog project I had going at the time, and that goes back at least as far as October of 2007 (and it probably goes further back than that, but the original forum and post are long gone).

What I wrote about… was the superiority of the Sith, about the motivations and the fact that Sith actively strengthen ourselves. And even then, I acknowledged it as an extremely arrogant assertions… *shrugs* The point: I don’t know who this guy was, or even if it was a guy, but I know that what he said was particularly apt.


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